26 West Center Business Growth Lab Spotlight – Lynn Burnett

Lynn Townsend Burnett, Principal and Owner at LTA Engineers

This week’s spotlight is on LTA Engineers. 

LTA Engineers is a female-owned and operated engineering firm. The firm specializes in stormwater management systems and infrastructure solutions that improve the built environment and protect nature. It has an overall mission of planning and designing for the next generation. LTA Engineers is unique because they want to create new systems and be a resource for future technology.

Owner and Principal Engineer at LTA Engineers, Lynn Burnett, has spent decades in the industry. These years of experience gave her the knowledge and drive she needed to be able to start and maintain her own engineering firm.

“I knew from a very early age that I had the heart and mind of an entrepreneur,” said Lynn, and now she is doing just that. 

Lynn has hosted international webinars and even traveled as far as Israel to speak with a global community in an effort to become an educational resource about engineering for future generations. 

In the midst of her engineering career, Lynn took a position as the volleyball coach at State College of Florida in Bradenton. As she built a relationship with the students and the campus itself, she found herself wanting to spend more time there and make herself more available to the students. This is when Lynn decided to relocate her office to The 26 West Center. 

Lynn hoped that moving her office to The 26 West Center would give her access to collaborate with other entrepreneurial minds, make meaningful connections, and be more available to the students and athletes. And so far, this is just what she’s found. Lynn is excited for her future with The 26 West Center, and said,

“I am proud of the institution for what it puts together for the futures of the students and parents.”

LTA Engineers’ goal for its next phase is to be a support system for municipalities in need of finding the best way to do something. Lynn hopes to answer all the questions of “What’s the best way to…?” or “How should we do…?” to make the processes seem less overwhelming and more simplistic. She wants to continue connecting virtually around the globe and become a resource for others. 

To learn more about LTA Engineers you visit their website at:  LTAEngineers.com.

If you or someone you know is actively starting or growing a business you should check out the Business Growth Lab at 26 West Center. Our 40,000 square foot entrepreneurship center includes private offices, shared offices, community spaces, masterminds, mentoring, networking, classes and so much more. To learn more or book a tour of the Business Growth Lab at 26 West Center, please visit https://26west.scf.edu/tour

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